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Hahn Air Systems

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Хан Эйр Системс

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  • Старт голосования: 2014-09-09
  • Всего голосований: 19
  • Оценено параметров: 538
  • Robert Hall09 Июня 2020
    +1 plus -0 minus
    Thieves along with Precision air. Covid19, no International flights. Contacted them. They want to charge $170.00 USD for $205.00 ticket. No wonder Africa has a bad name. They can’t be contacted.
  • Matt Wurzer20 Марта 2020
    +1 plus -0 minus
    Had to cancel a trip to Vietnam because of Corona virus. Vietnam government cancelled all visas.

    Hahn refused to give any refund at all.

    This company are just thieves. They literally steal your money.

    They also changed our flights without contacting us. How can they do that?
  • May Chen15 Декабря 2019
    +1 plus -0 minus
    Same as above!!! Stay away! We booked our tickets with our credit card company and have to pay 5x for last minute tickets to replace this Hanh flight that was delayed 2 days!! It has been close to a month now and our credit card company still can get our refund for us! I’m resorting to emailing nasty notes to Hanhs corporate offices! This company should be reported to all authorities! Don’t use!
  • Rich Ch20 Сентября 2019
    +2 plus -0 minus
    They are a pure scam. I booked a ticket months in advance and 2 weeks before they change the flight time. Made a lot of changes to accommodate the change since it was more than 8 hours later. Come the day I get to the airport in Cambodia, I’m not Cambodia but my girlfriend is, there are no tickets for us and no one at the ticketing counter has ever heard of the company. I was left stranded in a foreign country with a very distraught girlfriend and I was very embarrassed. I had to book another flight with a different airline that doesn’t arrive to my destination till after midnight. Lost a whole day because of this POS company.
  • Olimpia Escamilla02 Августа 2019
    +0 plus -0 minus
    Awful like the other stories. No one seemed to be in charge of my ticket and when Expedia the service I bought it through called they didn’t answer. Don’t do it.
  • Pat Pat28 Июня 2019
    +0 plus -1 minus
    RUN from this airline and any of their affiliates. I was traveling with my little brother who had a medical emergency and ended up in the ICU for days, so we had to try to cancel a flight that was apparently booked through them. I spoke with the airline we were flying they said they couldn`t give medical refunds only Hahn air could but they didn`t permit it via their terms. Once my brother was out of the hospital and we returned home tried contacting them directly. THEY HAVE NO CONTACT NUMBER FOR PASSENGERS. I tried calling a US number online... was a 3rd party service that they use and I was hung up on. I tried using the German travel agent number and I was hung up on again. I tried back and this time spoke with San Tiago just gave them my ticket number, they said that only the airline could refund it gave me the run around, and said I would need to get a letter from the original airlines that sent me to Hahn air saying they will authorize exception. To this day nothing back.

  • Inger Aguilar16 Февраля 2019
    +1 plus -0 minus
    When we came to the airport at Zanzibar with out e-tickets from Hanh Air there was no flight with that flightnumber... the ticketd was false...we had to by new tickets at the airport....
  • Raul Carrillo07 Февраля 2019
    +2 plus -0 minus
    Awful service! I purchased a ticket for my husband. They never sent me any ticket check in or print option. When he got to the airport they said the plane was full (overbooked I`d say). I`ve been trying to get a refund for weeks now and nothing. Don`t recommend it!!
  • Lambrini Roumel01 Сентября 2018
    +1 plus -2 minus
    The airline is a scam. I have never booked a flight from with the company and was charged an amount of money out of no where. DO NOT TRUST.
  • VJ Rao03 Ноября 2017
    +5 plus -1 minus
    Very bad service. They cancel their fligts without notice, leaving us high and dry at the airport. There are no airline reps to help out for cancelled flights. Refund system is very slow. I don`t recommend this airline to anyone.
  • Catherine Zta Zata04 Июня 2017
    +4 plus -0 minus
    Hi i think you guys are scammers... it really not right what you do .. i bought a ticket and to receive the infomation was such a mission, i cant beleive you guys do stuff like that.

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