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Аляска Эйрлайнз

Alaska Airlines

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Аляска Эйрлайнз

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  • Старт голосования: 2014-01-26
  • Всего голосований: 45
  • Оценено параметров: 1317
  • Alexander Snegirev22 Сентября 2016
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    Extremely disappointed by the company`s practice to refuse allocating seat in online registration, as well as by managing overbooked boarding. That enables you to be stopped right at the boarding regardless of the boarding pass in your hands, whatever you say about the tickets booked and paid long time ago and the need to travel now but not tomorrow. I experienced this exercise first ever time, although travelling worldwide quite a lot albeit by other companies. This is disgusting experience to be kept suspended in uncertainty during all the pre-boarding (I arrived to the gate well in advance just because of having no seat after being checked in online), all the boarding time and quite a long time after the screen message that the boarding is closed. My boarding pass was taken away by the member of staff at the gate who was not helpful and particularly polite just saying that she will inform me if I will be allowed to fly “as soon as she will know it”. I have not heard a word of apologies after I was eventually given the seat in the plane just before the take-off. This is a disgrace and is worth complaining.
    Travel details:
    AS-728, departure 18.09.2016 at 09:50, Seattle Tacoma
    Ticket #0579157512230-31
    Confirmation code: DLKDSP

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