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Американские Авиалинии ( AA )

American Airlines ( AA )

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Американские Авиалинии ( AA )

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  • Старт голосования: 2012-09-05
  • Всего голосований: 112
  • Оценено параметров: 3822
ОТЗЫВЫ ОБ АВИАКОМПАНИИ: Американские Авиалинии ( AA )
  • Alecsandr Zavodchikov19 Июля 2016
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    I with my wife had planned a flight in the morning 07.15.16. After lunch, I had a second flight to Moscow. Due to a bug taxi driver, I arrived late for registration. Sweet middle-aged woman, with blond hair, showing the utmost attention and organized me another flight the next flight and baggage dispatch. I do not remember her name. But I remember her help forever. Thanks to its organization, my wife and I had the next flight. I wish that would have found the company of Guidelines and encouraged the employee. She has a good heart and high competence in their work. Thanks to her and the airline!
  • Elena Shuvalova29 Июля 2015
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    I had quite a nice flight with US Airways from New York to Charlotte and then from Charlotte to Atlanta. The 2nd flight was delayed for 1 hour, but it was okay, no problems occured while awaiting the flight, The personnel in Charlotte was charming indeed. On the flight from New York to Charlotte I came across to a very unpolite stuard who told me to move my 15kg case upstairs... I'm a woman of 50, my heath is not perfect, so it was ugly... I don't think this is a polite way to serve the passengers...

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