Air tickets St Petersburg - Moscow UT
St Petersburg → Moscow
21 Oct 2019, Mon
The cheapest St Petersburg–Moscow flight ticket found by our users: ticket from the UTair airline, departure 21.10.2019, and price 1795 RUR
Prices found by the users for the past 48 hours are not on offer

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Ticket price by month for 2019

St Petersburg — Moscow Prices found by the users for the past 48 hours are not on offer
Month One-way Round-trip
June 22.06.2019 from 3453 RUR 22.06.2019 23.06.2019 from 6365 RUR
July 15.07.2019 from 3453 RUR 20.07.2019 06.08.2019 from 6651 RUR
August 17.08.2019 from 3882 RUR 22.08.2019 23.08.2019 from 15035 RUR
September 13.09.2019 from 2032 RUR 14.09.2019 15.09.2019 from 5675 RUR
October 21.10.2019 from 1795 RUR 28.10.2019 30.10.2019 from 5585 RUR
November 18.11.2019 from 2945 RUR 01.11.2019 05.11.2019 from 5585 RUR
December 13.12.2019 from 2745 RUR 01.12.2019 14.12.2019 from 5585 RUR
January 01.01.2020 Search 01.01.2020 09.01.2020 Search
February 01.02.2020 from 4738 RUR 01.02.2020 09.02.2020 Search
March 09.03.2020 from 2125 RUR 07.03.2020 23.03.2020 from 4155 RUR
April 27.04.2020 from 4005 RUR 01.04.2020 09.04.2020 Search
May 01.05.2020 Search 01.05.2020 09.05.2020 Search
Prices found by the users for the past 48 hours are not on offer