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14 Dec 2019, Sat
The cheapest Moscow–Tashkent flight ticket found by our users: ticket from the Aeroflot airline, departure 14.12.2019, and price 9420 RUR
Prices found by the users for the past 48 hours are not on offer

Cheap flight tickets from Moscow to Tashkent

Wish to buy a cheapest flights from Moscow to Tashkent at the lowest price? We compare prices of Moscow – Tashkent direct flights and flights with stopovers among 750 airlines and agencies. Don't waste your time searching the lowest airfares on your own. Book your tickets online and take advantage of discounts, special offer and low-cost flight sales. Our full flight timetable will help you to find a Moscow – Tashkent flight ticket. In order to find the desired flight option, check flight days and availability of tickets on a specific date.

In order to book a ticket online, please enter the desired type of flight, number of passengers, class and date of departure and arrival, pay for the ticket. You will receive an email with your order information.

Moscow – Tashkent flight ticket price

How much does a flights to Tashkent from Moscow cost? How to buy a cheap plane ticket? We compared flight ticket prices using The Price Dynamic Service. There are a few pieces of advice:
1) Price depends on the month of departure. We advise you to book the first and business class flight tickets in advance. Do not put the purchase of economy class tickets on the back burner. Buy your tickets 2-4 months in advance.
2) The cheapest flights MOW – TAS are available on Wednesday and Thursday. The price is usually higher on weekends.
3) It is also cheaper to buy a round-trip ticket, than a one-way ticket.

Useful information before you book your travel from Moscow to Tashkent

Our service offers the following information on:
  • Distance to Tashkent from Moscow
  • Airlines operating direct flights to Tashkent from Moscow
  • Airlines providing the cheapest tickets from Moscow to Tashkent
  • Duration of the Moscow - Tashkent flight
  • Airports of departure Moscow to Tashkent

Ticket price by month for 2019

Moscow — Tashkent Prices found by the users for the past 48 hours are not on offer
Month One-way Round-trip
December 14.12.2019 from 9420 10.12.2019 11.12.2019 from 23438
January 06.01.2020 from 9423 17.01.2020 02.02.2020 from 16921
February 10.02.2020 from 9423 24.02.2020 24.03.2020 from 19178
March 01.03.2020 from 9423 25.03.2020 30.03.2020 from 19178
April 29.04.2020 from 9523 01.04.2020 09.04.2020 from 17615
May 25.05.2020 from 9523 19.05.2020 14.06.2020 from 17214
June 02.06.2020 from 9523 06.06.2020 28.06.2020 from 19044
July 20.07.2020 from 9569 05.07.2020 05.08.2020 from 17615
August 05.08.2020 from 9569 30.08.2020 17.09.2020 from 19139
September 02.09.2020 from 9523 29.09.2020 12.10.2020 from 17472
October 01.10.2020 from 9589 01.10.2020 09.10.2020 from 17472
November 01.11.2020 01.11.2020 09.11.2020
Prices found by the users for the past 48 hours are not on offer