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Flight tickets to Sheremetyevo International

Book cheap flights to Sheremetyevo International. You can easily find the best deals to Moscow on search service. You only need to enter the desired flight destination, date, number of adults and children. The search results page will show the flight schedules from/to Sheremetyevo International and all possible flight options. You only need to choose the most suitable option and buy the desired plane tickets. It is easy to book tickets online without any facilitators!

Airport information about Sheremetyevo International

IATA code – SVO. Sheremetyevo International operates domestic and international flights. Friendly staff will help passengers with customs and passport control, checked and carry-on baggage. Lounges with comfortable seats, bars, restaurants, duty-free stores, free Wi-Fi will not let you get bored while waiting for your flight. Most major airports have a business lounge where you can use the telephone, fax or hold a business meeting. There is also a children's room.

The most convenient way to get to/from the airport Sheremetyevo International, Russia is by taxi, special bus or train express.

Airport tracker Sheremetyevo International
Flight Airline Scheduled Actual


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SU1638 Moscow - Omsk Aeroflot (Russian Airlines) 00:40 00:40 B
SU1382 Moscow - Khanty-Mansiysk Aeroflot (Russian Airlines) 01:00 01:00 00:45 00:45 B
SU1306 Moscow - Novosibirsk Aeroflot (Russian Airlines) 01:05 01:05 00:51 00:51 B
In flight
SU1632 Moscow - Simferopol Aeroflot (Russian Airlines) 01:20 01:20 B
SU1512 Moscow - Surgut Aeroflot (Russian Airlines) 01:35 01:35 01:16 01:16 B
In flight
SU1522 Moscow - Novy Urengov Aeroflot (Russian Airlines) 01:55 01:55 01:45 01:45 B
In flight
RU491 Moscow - Tokyo Airbridgecargo Airlines 03:20 03:20
In flight
RU439 Moscow - Hanoi Airbridgecargo Airlines 03:40 03:40
RU449 Moscow - Singapore Airbridgecargo Airlines 04:35 04:35
RU447 Moscow - Hong Kong Airbridgecargo Airlines 04:45 04:45
SU1650 Moscow - Simferopol Aeroflot (Russian Airlines) 05:10 05:10 B
SU1284 Moscow - Krasnodar Aeroflot (Russian Airlines) 06:00 06:00 B
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